D.I.Y. Restaurant Marketing Research

We took them to the water.

We wanted to see if they would drink.

The first “beta tester” group of restaurant owners and managers had completed Week 1 of our Instant V.I.P. Clubs program and we were keeping out fingers crossed hoping the aha‘s, the revelations, and the excitement that had come out during the conference call would still be there, a few days later.

Will they actually take all the great information and the tools we’ve given them, and the ideas they have come up by following the process — and implement them in their businesses?

You never know what’s going to happen.

It’s a moment of truth in this game.

Our information is worth exactly as much as they will apply it in their business. Full stop. End of story.

Motivation is transient. Entertainment is worthless. The ooh‘s and the ahh‘s don’t count for anything. Only results do.

The first workbook is all about defining the restaurant marketing target.  Who are your customers? What do they want? What else do they spend money on? What are they passionate about in their lives?

Toni, one of our students, did an outstanding job in the virtual “classroom.” Yet she had some questions left. The kind of questions that nobody can answer for her, except… her.

And she did. Check out this note from her:

This morning there was a scheduling mishap and instead of trying to cover the cashier’s shift I took it as an opportunity to do some research. I found out as much as I possibly could about every customer that walked through the door. I recorded answers to the questions I would ask and observations that I made in my notebook that I kept under the register. I wrote down details like ages, how they looked, what they ordered, where they worked, if they used a coupon, marital status, whether they had families, what kind of hot sauces they like (if any), whether they were first timers or not, how they heard about us, who they were with, whether they were in a hurry, if they ordered to go, if they tipped (server thing), rated their enthusiasm and basically made a judgement weather or not they would be good candidates for our V.I.P. club. I encourage everyone to do something like this and keep a daily log of current customer traits. It was very informative and exact.

Amen, sister. You rock!

Now, is there something that Toni did and that you can’t? Nah, don’t think so. If you are too lazy, or too stubborn, or too “above it” to do what Toni just did, you have no right to be mopey about the state of your restaurant business.


Say "enough's enough" to half-empty dining rooms, humdrum shifts, and wondering which half of your marketing budget was wasted.

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