Meet Chief Commando

So, who is this “Chief Commando” guy anyway?

Glad you asked :)

Well, actually, Chief Commando is two people, Troy Authement and Alex Makarski.

Troy and Alex combined their knowledge and experience to help independent restaurant owners and emerging chains create more growth and more profits in their businesses. Together, they provide a unique blend of expertise not available anywhere else in the industry.

Troy is a serial restaurant owner and a restaurant turn-around expert. A trained chef, Troy grew up in a family restaurant business. (He remembers how, as a kid, he would take a nap in the beer boxes behind the counter.) Later, Troy found himself working for other restaurants, both in the back and in the front of the house, and went on to owning a number of restaurants himself. In Troy’s words, “it was a long row to hoe”. After several failed businesses and re-starts, Troy found what really works and what doesn’t. The last restaurant he owned, an 86-seat Cajun place, was featured as a case study for the attendees of a recent $5,000-per-person Restaurant Super-Bootcamp.

Alex has done work in various consulting capacities for restaurant companies around the world like McDonald’s, Cara Operations, Prime Restaurants, RosInter and Dana Hospitality. Working with the large companies was fun, but his passion was in small business. So in 2004, he resigned from his job and started his own consulting firm, teaching small businesses how to become not so … ahem … friggin’ small. He teaches seminars and workshops in Canada and Unites States showing entrepreneurs some unusual, kick-butt profit-building strategies. His last tele-coaching class attracted over 3,000 entrepreneurs from 5 continents.


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